Waggers Pet Sitting Service Agreement

  1. RESERVATIONS: It is preferred that reservations should come through the main office and not through your sitter, reservations can be made via your account on the client portal, by phone on 919244-3940 or by emailing us at admin@waggerspetsitting.com.
  2. PAYMENT: Payment is due at the start of contracted service. We accept personal checks, cash or payment via PayPal/Stripe. Services not paid in advance are subject to a late fee of $5 per day, this fee will be added to invoices overdue by 3 or more days.
  3. RETURNING HOME: Please notify Waggers Pet Sitting as soon as you return home. We understand that travel plans change and we greatly appreciate if you can keep us informed of those changes. To guarantee your pets wellbeing we will automatically continue to make visits (fees will be applicable as per our fee schedule) if the contractual end date has passed, and we have not been informed of your return or we are not able to contact you. THERE WILL NOT BE A REFUND IF YOU ARRIVE HOME EARLY FROM A SCHEDULED RESERVATION.
  4. TIME OF SITTER ARRIVAL: Waggers Pet sitting cannot guarantee a specific arrival time. We will do our best to arrive close to your preferred time, but we must allow for a one-hour window in case of any unforeseen issues.
  5. EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Please ensure that Waggers Pet Sitting has all necessary contact information prior to your departure.
  6. PET/HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES: We want to spend quality time with your pets and not waste time searching for supplies. Please ensure your sitter knows the location of all supplies prior to arrival and that you have enough on hand for the entire time you are away (i.e. pet food, litter, paper towels, treats, etc.)
  7. VACCINATIONS/FLEAS AND TICKS: It is vital that all vaccinations as well as flea/tick prevention are kept up to date, any injury/damages charges arising as a result of the failure to keep these current will be the responsibility of the pet owner.
  8. KEY POLICY: It is Waggers Pet Sitting policy to keep 2 keys on file one to be retained by the sitter and one to be retained in the Waggers Pet Sitting office in case of emergencies. Waggers Pet Sitting must have a key to your home BEFORE you leave. WE WILL NOT pick up or leave keys at your home due to safety concerns. In addition, we WILL NOT lock the keys in the house after our last visit, as we must be able to access the home in case you are delayed and your pet needs additional visits.
  9. BAD WEATHER/NATURAL DISASTERS: Waggers Pet Sitting will always do everything possible to get to your home and take care of your pets. However, we may be delayed and/or unable to get to your home if roads are closed or impassable due to ice, snow, flooding etc. In the event of bad weather or natural disaster, we will do everything possible to procure your pet(s) and secure your home, but will not be liable to do so.
  10. Waggers Pet Sitting and its representatives agree: To provide the services stated in this contract in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services, and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives all claims against Waggers Pet Sitting and its representatives, unless arising from negligence.
  11. In the event of a personal emergency or illness of the scheduled representative: The client authorizes Waggers Pet Sitting to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities. The client will be notified in any such case.
  12. Should the sitter be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease, ailment, or injury from a client’s animal on premises: It will be the client’s responsibility to pay for all costs and damages incurred by the sitter.
  13. Waggers and its representatives: Shall not be held liable for the loss, injury or death of any pet the client has let outside or instructed the sitter to let outside (i.e. a dog that digs or jumps over a fence, cat/rabbit not on leash, etc.).