Meet the team

We pride ourselves on the work we do and each and every one of us is a bonafide pet-lover! Not only that, all of our sitters are insured and carefully screened before we will let them into your home to care for your pets. We know that once you meet us you will feel completely comfortable leaving your amazing little Waggers in our loving care.

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Allison Smith


My name is Allison Smith and I have been an animal owner for more than 30 years. I’m compassionate and nurturing by nature and am comfortable caring for pets as young as puppies to senior pets. I’m even trained to give meds both orally and via injections.
I have worked with a wide array of species and breeds of animals and have personally owned dogs, ducks, frogs, birds, fish, and even rats! My husband is a K-9 handler with the Wake County Sheriff’s Department.
I started Waggers Pet Sitting to provide a local alternative to kenneling pets in Cary, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Morrisville, and Raleigh so those pets can enjoy the freedoms of home in a less stressful environment. I think the reason people continue to use Waggers is that we are organized and punctual, which in my opinion is a great attribute when dealing with numerous clients’ needs simultaneously.
I hope to meet you and your pet soon!

Deanna Foley

Pet Sitter

I live in Cary with my husband and three children. I have always had a dog as a family member – from a toy poodle to a St. Bernard. We currently have an Old English Sheepdog named Molly. Molly loves having dogs visit and she is a great hostess – she is willing to share her food, her toys, and the couch. My love of animals and my willingness to take care of my neighbors’ pets led to a great job with Waggers. I enjoy watching dogs and cats and learning their personalities. I am available for Daily Dog Walks, In-Home Pet Sitting, and Private Dog Boarding.

Shani Schofield

Pet Sitter

I have lived in North Carolina since February 2014 having moved here from London with my husband and youngest daughter and 2 cats Buster and Pickle.  I have worked with Waggers since 2015 as a pet sitter and took over the majority of the administration for the company in 2016.  Buster and Pickle have since passed away but we have 3 rescues living with us now.

I am particularly experienced with cats and rabbits and other small animals having owned and cared for many, I was also brought up around dogs as well as cats and do enjoy the opportunity to meet and care for my client’s pups. In fact I am happy to care for most animals with the exception of spiders!

I am looking forward to meeting you and your fur babies soon!

Kayte Price

Pet Sitter

My husband and I relocated here from the Midwest, 5 acres, a horse, llamas, sheep, and the occasional goat. We did bring our two dogs with us and have always had animals in the house.
We have our 15-year-old cattle dog and a 12-year-old beagle/lab rescue who is very vocal. Having so many animals has taught me much about observation and communication. And the move here taught me even more about when a routine is disrupted and how to overcome it.
I am a graphic designer and jewelry maker, now all part-time. I added pet-sitting as I enjoy animal caretaking and feel I can offer your pet a secure relationship while you are away.
I am available for Daily Dog Walks and In-Home Pet Sitting.

Susan Kiama

Pet Sitter

My name is Susan Kiama and I live in Cary, NC with my husband, stepson, and our two lilac colorpoint siamese cats Mr. Dinks and SiverBelle. I graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a BA in Psychology in 1988. I spent 20+ years caring for people with mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities. I still do consulting. I realized that I would like to be out there caring for pets instead. Throughout my life, I always had animals. I had a quarter horse for 8 years. I have always had cats or dogs and even a rabbit. I love animals and a close connection to animals has always been a part of who I am and could not imagine my life without my furry companions.   I am very reliable and dependable. I would love to assist you in any way I can with your pets and would treat them as if they were my own.

Tamara Bean

Pet Sitter

Tamara lives in northeast Cary. She is a graduate of West Virginia University with a B.S. in Forest Resources Management. As a young girl, Tamara raised cocker spaniels and has owned dogs her entire life. She has worked for Waggers Pet Sitting for 8 years and is the proud owner of a one-year-old miniature schnauzer named Ziggy. Tamara finds that singing to your pet during a visit and frequently mentioning their name makes them feel comfortable and loved. Animals love Tamara’s passions that include, gardening (digging), cooking (meat), and the outdoors (walks).

Mikayla Bower

Pet Sitter

Hi, my name is Mikayla Bower. I have had pets my whole life, a home just isn’t complete without one. I have lived in North Carolina for twelve years. Before I lived in Connecticut and I was born in California. I have always loved working with animals and have lots of experience. I have only been working at Waggers for a few months, but I have years of watching animals under my belt. When I saw this job opportunity I jumped on the chance. Working with Waggers allows me to work doing something I love and gives me enough time to also work on writing my first book.

Jennifer Jordan

Pet Sitter

Does your dog like to cuddle, take walks in the park and explore nature, nap, fetch things, learn new tricks, have staring contests, get down & dirty in the mud, splash in the water, take bubble baths, roll around in the leaves, window shop, or yoga? Do they like to talk a lot or maybe just prefer to listen? Does your dog parkour? Maybe he’ll teach me!
Hi, I’m Jennifer at your service. No, I don’t want to date your dog, but I would love nothing more than to help you take care of them and give them the fullest and happiest life their heart can handle when you can’t be there. I have spent the better part of 35+ years being filled with a thirst for knowledge, love, and compassion for animals of all species, shapes, and sizes that surpasses any other. I studied Zoology at CSUChico with an eventual focus on Primatology.
My own personal lifetime line-up of ani-babies includes 3 horses, 1 rooster, 1 hen, 1 Mallard duck, 1 rabbit, 1 frog, 2 guinea pigs, 3 water turtles, 7 cats, and 9 dogs ranging from 8 pounds-120 pounds, male and female. Currently, my son and I have a 10 year old boxer named Tank who has been the furbaby love of my life from the age of 8 weeks. We found out in March of this year he has a brain tumor that is quickly taking its toll. That being said, I have from Tank as well as several others, acquired the skills necessary in administering many different medications whether pill or injection form.
I have a flexible schedule, a great sense of humor, excel in pet talk, and am driven solely by my love for animals to provide nothing short of patience, compassion, security, and peace of mind to you and your pets. Book a Meet & Greet today so you can stop worrying about Fluffy, you won’t regret it!

Susan Day

Pet Sitter

My name is Susan Day and I live in Holly Springs, NC, just outside Fuquay Varina, with my husband. I’m originally from Ohio, but have also lived in New York and Pennsylvania. I moved to Charlotte, NC in 1995 to take a job as a Database Engineer with Bank of America. I later moved to Cary in 2003 when I married my husband. Then in 2008 we bought our home in Holly Springs.
My love for animals goes back to my childhood. Growing up we had several Sheltie collies and a couple cats. Then in my adult life I’ve had a Siberian husky, 2 Sheltie collies, a miniature poodle, a dwarf rabbit, a parrot, a conure, 2 Pomeranians, and now a small rescue dog. I am also currently volunteering at Corral Riding as a feeder and groomer of their 11 rescue horses, and have been doing this for the past 4 years.
Every animal has its own personality and I love interacting with the cuties and taking care of them.

Brant Downing

Pet Sitter

Hello everyone, my name is Brant Downing and I have lived in Fuquay Varina for 10 years,  I like to meet new people with their pets.  I moved to North Carolina from Great Falls, Virginia in 2006. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with Bachelors’s of Fine Arts. I worked for the government as a Graphic Designer contractor for 10 years in Northern Virginia. I also have 10 years of experience as a HAB Technician with deaf/ autistic clients with A Small Miracle, Inc in Raleigh, NC. I have 30+ experiences from puppies to adult dogs. Currently, I have two dogs, a 4-year-old mixed terrier – Luki and 14-year-old chihuahua – Chickfila. Plus 3 years old mixed Savannah cat – Pip. I had several dogs and cats in my life like dachshunds, mixed beagles, and black lab. I love animals because they do have emotions and feelings like humans.

James Duffy

Pet Sitter

My name is James Duffy and I live in Apex, NC.  My family and I moved to North Carolina when I was a teenager and after high school, I lived in many different places, including Washington DC, Arizona, and in Italy for a summer.  After working in restaurants for a few years, I earned my degree and became a teacher.  During that time, I volunteered at several shelters and often watched friends’ pets just for fun.  About five years ago, I returned to North Carolina to be closer to my family.  I began pet sitting part-time for some friends since I enjoyed the flexible work schedule, and I fell in love with it.  Throughout my life, I’ve always had at least one pet, usually both a cat and a dog.  I’ve worked with animals of all sizes; my smallest dog has been five pounds and my biggest 140 (No one ever told me how much their cats weighed).  I’ve also worked with dogs with special needs, such as dogs that have medical or aggression problems.  Currently, I have a single, small dog, Quint, who is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier).  I find that the key to caring for animals is a lot of patience, love, and communication.  I look forward to meeting you and your pet.

Tim Sicari

Pet Sitter

My name is Tim Sicari and I currently live in Holly Springs with my wife, daughter, and two cats. Originally from New York, my wife and I moved down here in 2015. Ever since the day I was born I have been around multiple dogs and more recently, multiple cats. In recent years I have become interested in aqua scaping and currently have two fish tanks in my home. I love animals and have always felt a connection with them, which is one of the reasons I thought to do pet sitting part-time. I am patient and gentle with all animals, and I look forward to being a companion to your pets while you are away. 

Kari Moncrief

Pet Sitter

Hi!  I am Kari from Cary!  I love all animals!  We moved to Cary in 2011 and absolutely love it here.  I was a former teacher for 12 years before moving here with my husband and now 2 teenagers. I started caring for neighbors’ pets about 7 years ago.  Along with doing some tutoring, and playing tennis, dog walking and pet sitting are my jam!  Nothing boosts my mood more than spending time with animals. I have had animals my whole life from dogs to gerbils to birds. Right now we have 2 labs shown in the picture above. The yellow English lab is Addie and the chocolate rescue lab is Brody. Addie is 3 years old and full of energy and Brody is around 12 years old and the boss of everyone. They are the sweetest most loving dogs.  I look forward to meeting you and your pets and getting a chance to spend time with them!  

Bryson Eaton

Pet Sitter

My name is Bryson Eaton, I am 21, I have lived in North Carolina my entire life. Born on Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and was raised all around Wake County, currently living on the Apex/Cary border by Lake Pine (Apex Community Park). 
I have worked in a kennel environment for 2 years, approaching 3. I have worked at Proactive Dog Training and Camp Bow Wow, I have experience in training, different breeds, different sizes, different temperaments, medicating, feeding, walking, cleaning, and of course making sure the dog has had plenty of playtime. I know a happy dog is a tired dog. 
I’ve had 9 cats, 6 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, 2 bearded dragons, a leopard tailed gecko, a bunny, and a Mississippi map turtle. But, I currently only have an American Staffordshire Terrier – Zofia, and a Mississippi map turtle – Bravo. I guess I could put “Petting zoo attendant” on my resume.
A bit about me before I even get to meet you and your furry friend, I am an aspiring photographer. I’ve done shoots for/of the moon, rock festivals, prom, cars, plants, wildlife, landscapes, dogs, basically anything my eyes can see I have passion in capturing. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and when I am looking through the viewfinder everything glistens. I also aspire to hike the Smokies, so taking your dog on a walk with my bag will help me build stamina and strength. I look forward to relieving the stress of having to be away from your pet and the stress on your pet being away from you.

Kayla Summerlin

Pet Sitter

Hi, my name is Kayla Summerlin and I live in Fuquay-Varina with my husband and my four year old Bombay cat, Paul. I have lived in North Carolina since 2018 but I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts. I have always loved being around animals of all types and sizes. I do have experience pet sitting bigger dogs such as German Shepherds as well as smaller dogs like Yorkies. As for cats, I have become very familiar with them since 2020 due to my family having 3 Tabbies (Burney, Dior, and Sophie) that I absolutely adore and come to love unconditionally as I have taken care of all of them numerous times. Also as well, I do have experience with barn
animals such as horses, chickens, and goats. I was a camp counselor for two summers and enjoyed every second working with these kinds of animals!
As your pet sitter, I am very adaptable. Whether you need help one day or several days, I am always willing to give a helping hand in the safest and most lovable way possible. Furthermore, I am very patient and responsible therefore I look forward to building that relationship with you and your pet and taking care of your animal like they are my own. I look forward to meeting you and your furbaby soon!

Jolanda Malone

Pet Sitter

Hello, my name is Jolanda Malone and I am originally from the Bronx, New York, and moved to North Carolina in 2018. Since I was a little girl I would help stray animals find forever homes. I was able to do this with the help of my abuela.  Since then I have always played a big part in the community by helping people and animals. I have 10 years of experience working with cats and dogs in animal shelters, hospitals, fostering, TNR, pet daycare, dog walking, and pet sitting. 
In the past, I have worked as a dog walker, pet sitter, bather, fundraiser, kennel technician, and I provided TNR services in my area and educated the community on what they can do to help limit the number of strays outside. I worked as an Animal Care Officer and Adoption Coordinator, where I would help intake animals at the shelter, provide vaccinations, and help the cats/dogs find forever homes. I realized my passion was not only for helping animals but also bringing the community together so we all can make a difference. In 2021, I started a Non-Profit Organization that builds relationships with low-income families with pets by providing resources and support. 
I have cats of my own and love them to infinity and beyond. As me being a paw parent I know how it feels going on vacation and wondering what they are up to and making sure they are alright.  Being a Pet Sitter has always felt like I was the auntie coming to stay with the kids while their mom and dad went on vacation. Seeing their face light up , tails wag, purr, or just that brush up on my leg for some much-needed rubs is always a great feeling.  A day with the fur babies is a day living in my passion.

Anna Johnson

Pet Sitter

Hi! My name is Anna Johnson, and I currently live in Raleigh. I moved here this past August with my partner and am attending NC State for a graduate program. Originally from the Burlington, Vermont area, and having lived there for the first 25 years of my life, I have grown to love animals of all kinds and sizes. From cows to kittens, and dogs to chickens, I definitely have a deep appreciation for all kinds of furry and feathered critters and I would love to translate that care and appreciation to take care of others’ pets!
            My hobbies include cooking, gardening, reading, and any sort of exercise movement from biking to working out to hiking. Anything I can do to be outside and move my body is very important to me. Having only grown up with cats, hamsters, and fish as pets, I definitely missed out on the chance to grow up with a dog by my side to do some of those outdoor activities with. I have always loved dogs and always wished I got to spend more time with them. I have dog sat sometimes for puppies and sometimes multiple dogs and cats at a time. I always appreciate the unique experience of getting to be active and outside with a dog or the occasional couch cuddle with a cat. I appreciate all animals for their quirks and for their specific needs. I look forward to getting to know you and your beloved pets!