Some Happy Dogs!

Some Happy Dogs ~ Lycan & Luna!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful Kaeley was with our two Labs. We needed to go to Chicago for our granddaughter’s christening and didn’t have anywhere or anyone to take care of our dogs. A kennel wasn’t feasible because one of the labs had meningitis and isn’t able to be around other dogs. Thankfully, your service offers overnight sitting. Kaeley texted us as soon as she arrived and throughout the weekend was accessible when we called and even sent us photos to show us how happy the dogs were. She didn’t even mind when the dogs boxed her in at night in bed. Two seventy pound, HOT, dogs who want to lay all over you aren’t fun. Kaeley was a joy and I would recommend her to anyone. Services like yours are a godsend to pet owners. Thank you so much. You’ve definitely gained another customer.

-Brenda R. (Holly Springs, NC)

Kaeley wanted to share the information below with the owners of Lycan & Luna – and National Dog Week seemed like the PERFECT chance!

Lycan is a sweet and cheerful black lab who is sure to walk up to you with multiple toys in his mouth. He is the best cuddler ever and loves to sleep on top of you with his head buried under your chin. He is so easy going and a true lover. Lycan also LOVES to give kisses!

Luna is lovingly referred to as Luni Tunes. She is always SO excited to have guests and could relax on the back porch all day if you let her. She loves to sit on her hind legs and put her paws all over you. She is also a cuddler who loves to be as close to you as possible, which usually involves her sitting on your lap until you scratch behind her ears.

I truly enjoyed my time with them and hope to see all of you soon!

I just LOVE how we help pets & their people! -Allison Smith
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