Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting Services

Do you have an upcoming vacation on your mind?

Are these the faces you see when your pet realizes the suitcases are being filled? I know everytime I pull mine out and begin to organize my dogs look at me like “Say it ain’t so… where are YOU going? I know you plan to take US with you, yes?!?!”

Most of the time when I travel my destination is not pet friendly…. or at least not pet friendly like I would expect it to be. Just looking at those faces can be guilt inducing!

I have tried many options with pet care while I am gone, family, a neighbor, a kennel, a ‘pet resort’ (same as kennel, and whatever else I could think of that would keep them safe. Being disappointed in the options helped to drive me to build and grow Waggers Professional Pet Sitting Services.

We have options that fit all lifestyles – and if we don’t have something that matches you and your pet we will customize our services to meet your needs! My team prides itself on LISTENING to your wants, needs and desires and then meeting those expectations!

Do you travel regularly for work, or enjoy summer vacations without the ‘kids’ in tow?

Maybe you only need someone to stop by midday and let your pets outside for some exercise, or a walk?

No matter what your pet sitting need is we can assist, see our basic services here. Call us if you need any questions answered we thrive on customizing pet sitting to match your pet.
Allison Smith
Excellence in Pet Care since 2003