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    Emergency Contact: Name Phone Number:
    About your pet


    Has your pet/s ever bitten someone or is he/she overly aggressive? (Please explain)
    Unique Characteristics (hiding places, fears, favorite treats, etc.):
    Feeding Amount/Schedule:
    Location of food/Supplies:
    Health Concerns/Medications:
    Walking/Potty Schedule:
    Social Behavior:

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    The Home Alarm Code and Password:
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    Would you like us to provide the following services while we are in your home?
    Bring in Mail/PackagesPlants WateredBlinds RotatedTake out TrashOther

    The important stuff

    MEDIA RELEASE: We would like to request your permission to use any images/videos we may take of your pets during our visits with them. Your name and any personal information such as location etc. would NOT be displayed.

    I grant permission and the right for Waggers Pet Sitting to take photographs/video of my pet/s, to copyright and publish the same in print or electronically for purposes including advertising, illustration, web content, and social media.