Frequently asked questions

Why hire a professional sitter?
What areas do you cover?
How do I schedule a sitter?
Will I get to meet my sitter?
What happens at the initial consultation and do you charge a fee for it?
If I don’t have time to meet with the sitter initially will you still visit my pets?
Do you have paperwork that needs completing?
Why do I need to give you 2 keys, how can I get my key returned to me?
Can I leave a tip for my pet sitter?
May I book directly with the sitter?
Will I always have the same sitter?
Bad weather policy?
What animals do you care for?
Do you board pets?
What happens at an overnight visit?
If I get home earlier than expected will I get a refund?
Can I specify a time for your visits?
What if my pet has an accident in the home?
Are you sitters insured?
What are your terms and conditions?
What are you pet sitting rates?
How would an emergency with my pet be managed?
Can I receive updates whilst I am away or contact you?
When is payment due and how can I pay?
What is your late payment fee policy?
What if I need to schedule short notice?
Are there any cancellation fees?
Are there any fees and cancellation requirements for the holidays?
Why do we have a cancellation policy?