Meet Charlie

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Meet Charlie
Meet Charlie


Please find attached a couple of pictures of Charlie, my Rat Terrier. Waggers has taken care of Charlie for me whenever I am out of town, for over two years now.

I have nothing but good things to say about my relationship with Waggers, and the services that they provide. It is comforting to know that Charlie will have excellent care while I am away. I know he is happy to see Allison and others when they come to our home. One of the things I like the most about using Waggers for my pet sitting is being able to just ”walk out the door” when I am ready to go, without having to take Charlie somewhere by a specific time. And also, I can arrive back home when I return from being out of town without having to go pick Charlie up somewhere by a specific time, or worse, having to wait until the next day to pick him up.

I would recommend Waggers (and I have already) to anyone who is looking for a pet sitting service that they can trust.


Mike Bostian