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Meet Charlie

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Meet Charlie Allison, Please find attached a couple of pictures of Charlie, my Rat Terrier. Waggers has taken care of Charlie for me whenever I am out of town, for over two years now. I have nothing but good things to say about my relationship with Waggers, and the services that they provide. It is comforting to know that Charlie will have excellent care while I am away. I know he is happy to see Allison and others when they come to our home. One of the things I like the most about using Waggers for my pet sitting is being able to just ”walk out the door” when I am ready to go, without having to take Charlie somewhere by a specific time. And also, I can arrive back home when I return from being out of town without having to go pick Charlie up somewhere by a specific time, or worse, having to wait until the next day to pick him up. I would recommend Waggers (and I have already) to anyone who is looking for a pet sitting service that they can trust. Regards, Mike...

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Waggers has gone to the DOGS!!

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Waggers has gone to the DOGS!! We interrupt your normally scheduled broadcast to bring you this urgent message… Please do NOT adjust your communication device, we repeat: Waggers has gone to the DOGS!! Sure they are cute, fluffy, friendly and FULL of personality but ENOUGH already! < I want to tell you how Waggers Pet Sitting helped our family, so now that I have your attention here it goes…(oh by the way, I ran across this as an email my owner wrote while I was playing with the keyboard – you have to promise not to tell her;) Hi Allison I can’t thank you enough. The boys were so relaxed when we got home. That was just so great to see!! You did a wonderful job and we so appreciate it. I do have 2 questions! First you didn’t happen to find a frayed shoestring anywhere in the house did you? I am hoping you did and threw it away! We had 2 of them in our closet that the boys play with but now there is only one. We were concerned that Tigger might have eaten it as he has tried to do that in the past. Second, what was your technique for giving Tig his meds? Was it the same as David showed you when you were over? We were just wondering if you might have some other trick that we could use. We are always trying to learn from the experts!!!! Hope you had a good week yourself! We are getting ready for the big weekend coming up!! Should be fun!! We will definitely use your services the next time we go out of town!! Take care, Roxanne I don’t have too much more to say, I am a cat after all – Just be sure your owners call Waggers if they ever plan to leave town! They are not only GREAT but very affordable, –> Cat & Small Animal Visits: $14.00 (2 animals. Add $1.00 per visit for each additional animal over 2.) ~ Tigger P.S. If you also happen to have some of those attention hogging dogs they have pet sitting options for them as...

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Second Chance Pet Adoptions Furry 5K Run & 2K Walk

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Second Chance Pet Adoptions Furry 5K Run & 2K Walk HPW Foundation Sponsors Furry Run & Walk Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston is proud to be the official timing sponsor of the first annual Second Chance Pet Adoptions Furry 5K Run & 2K Walk, to be held Saturday, November 3rd at Fred G. Metro Park in Cary. The run is to benefit Second Chance Pet Adoptions, who’s mission is to rescue abandoned and stray cats and dogs and match it with a forever owner who will provide a long-term and loving home. Second Chance was the first no-kill animal rescue organization in the Triangle. They have provided many services to homeless animals and have helped countless strays find loving and safe permanent homes. All of their dogs are kept in foster homes, giving the organization the chance to train and socialize each dog and better place them in a new home. The proceeds from the Furry 5K will go to to raise money for the homeless animals that Second Chance saves. In addition to the 5K, there will be a 2K dog walk, and a 1K senior dog walk. The Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston Foundation is proud to support the Second Chance Pet Adoptions organization throughout the year, and is excited to be involved in the inaugural Furry 5K! Join your fellow pet-lovers to help this excellent organization raise money and create fellowship to help our furry friends! Click here to sign up for either of the walks or the 5K, to donate, or to sign up to volunteer! Thanks to Erika Madsen of Coldwell Banker, Howard, Perry & Walston (a client of Waggers) for sharing this information about the event in honor of National Dog Week! Allison Smith Excellence in Pet Care since 2003 919-244-3940 For more information visit...

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Some Happy Dogs!

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Some Happy Dogs ~ Lycan & Luna! I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful Kaeley was with our two Labs. We needed to go to Chicago for our granddaughter’s christening and didn’t have anywhere or anyone to take care of our dogs. A kennel wasn’t feasible because one of the labs had meningitis and isn’t able to be around other dogs. Thankfully, your service offers overnight sitting. Kaeley texted us as soon as she arrived and throughout the weekend was accessible when we called and even sent us photos to show us how happy the dogs were. She didn’t even mind when the dogs boxed her in at night in bed. Two seventy pound, HOT, dogs who want to lay all over you aren’t fun. Kaeley was a joy and I would recommend her to anyone. Services like yours are a godsend to pet owners. Thank you so much. You’ve definitely gained another customer. -Brenda R. (Holly Springs, NC) Kaeley wanted to share the information below with the owners of Lycan & Luna – and National Dog Week seemed like the PERFECT chance! Lycan is a sweet and cheerful black lab who is sure to walk up to you with multiple toys in his mouth. He is the best cuddler ever and loves to sleep on top of you with his head buried under your chin. He is so easy going and a true lover. Lycan also LOVES to give kisses! Luna is lovingly referred to as Luni Tunes. She is always SO excited to have guests and could relax on the back porch all day if you let her. She loves to sit on her hind legs and put her paws all over you. She is also a cuddler who loves to be as close to you as possible, which usually involves her sitting on your lap until you scratch behind her ears. I truly enjoyed my time with them and hope to see all of you soon! -Kaeley I just LOVE how we help pets & their people! -Allison Smith Excellence in Pet Care since 2003...

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National Dog Week

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National Dog Week starts NOW! September 24-30th marks the 84th observance of this doggone fantastic holiday! This JUST in from Allison Smith, Owner of Waggers Pet Sitting Hello to all my wonderful clients! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and you are enjoying this wonderful Fall weather. As some of you may know it is National Dog Week Sept 24-30 and we would love to feature our wonderful furry friends on our sites. PLEASE send us photos, stories and even video – we want to shamelessly show off your pets online! Here’s a few friends we posted last week, Buddy & Jimmy! Allison Smith Excellence in Pet Care since 2003...

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Pampered Pets

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Pampered Pets Here at Wagger’s we LOVE pampering your pet… see how we spoiled some of our furry clients on recent visits!! Buddy going for a ride to his favorite park!! Jimmy ready to play ball!! Allison Smith Excellence in Pet Care since 2003 919-244-3940

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Waggers will be adding a Veterinarian…

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Waggers will be adding a Veterinarian… From the looks of this photo Jim and I need to get busy saving for the Veterinarian program at NCSU. Here is Kai practicing for his vet internship! Allison Smith Excellence in Pet Care since 2003...

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Labor Day and Working Animals

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Labor Day and Working Animals I woke up today ready to write about Veterans and their pets, then a small birdie (my husband) reminded me that it is Labor Day – not Veterans Day – so since I am a holiday ahead of myself, I decided to honor the working pets of our nation! Waggers Pet Sitting would like to say THANKS to all of the pets big and small who help our communities on a daily basis!! The History of Labor Day Check out the Department of Labor’s current page, complete with videos, photo, resources, and more. Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. A tired search dog finds time to rest as rescue efforts at the World Trade Center in New York City continue just a few feet away. We all love a hero, and rescue dogs are some of the biggest heroes of all. You will often find them going above and beyond duty to save someone, risking — and at times losing — their lives in the process. Rescue dogs are generally found in the Sporting and Hunting Groups, or from the traditional Herding Group. These breeds include the Bloodhound, Labrador Retriever, Newfoundland, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and Belgian Malinois — all of which are chosen for search-and-rescue duty because of their incredible physical strength, unfailing loyalty, and their tendency for mental stability. These breeds also have a heightened sense of hearing and smell — to better locate lost individuals — and are often able to access hard-to-reach areas. As highly trained animals, they serve in many different fields, including specialist search, avalanche rescue, cadaver location, and tracking. To overcome obstacles and succeed when performing the demanding duties of a search-and-rescue worker, a dog must display certain qualities. In addition to intelligence and strength, the dog must be agile, confident, easily trainable, adaptable, and have a high level of stamina and endurance. A strong sense of pack cooperation and an ability to engage in friendly play during “down” time is also required of search-and-rescue dogs. A rescue dog undergoes many, many hours of intensive training to be fit for duty. Training is not for the faint of heart. Certification training can take from two to three years, working three to four hours a day, three to six days a week, often in group, team-oriented sessions. Each search-and-rescue field requires different types of training. Rescue training, for instance, includes the tactic “air scenting” — where dogs are trained to sniff the air for the victim’s scent and then follow the scent to the person. This ability is crucial to finding victims trapped under collapsed buildings and avalanches. The same confidence, flexibility, mental strength, and stamina required of a dog is required in a human handler as well, perhaps even more so. Many search and rescue operations will not end happily. A good dog handler needs to maintain grace and stoicism in the face of tragedy. In addition, a successful handler needs humility, to allow the dog to take the lead in situations that require it, and...

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Pet sitter for Labor Day weekend (Cary, NC & surrounding areas)

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Pet sitter for Labor Day weekend? Or Allow your home to look like this when you return from Labor Day weekend? Have you considered finding a pet sitter to watch over your pillows? Pet-sitting services are a great alternative to boarding for dogs and cats. Here is a short list of questions to ask yourself when you are making such an important decision. Do your pets have problems with large groups of animals? Though many dogs seem to like the social aspects of a boarding kennel, shy, aggressive or nervous dogs may be stressed by groups. Cats and birds can be intimidated by other animals as well. Has your pet experienced separation anxiety when away from his own home and family? While many pets, especially dogs, enjoy new experiences, some feel much more secure at home. Keeping their habits the same can be good for their mental and physical health. Do your pets have all the vaccinations required for boarding? For the protection of all dogs in a kennel, a bordetella (kennel cough) inoculation is required twice a year and other vaccines must be given annually. Owners of dogs and cats that have had bad reactions to vaccinations in the past may prefer not to vaccinate often and therefore cannot board. Is your pet older or does he/she require specific care due to health problems? Older pets are often happiest when their routines and surroundings are constant. Pets who require special health care will likely get a much better service from a pet sitter. Do have multiple pets? It can get very expensive to board more than one pet and you can get a much cheaper and personal service with a pet sitter. Do you prefer knowing that your pets are at home in familiar surroundings? With a pet sitter you don’t have to worry about getting your pets to a boarding facility, how they might react to the facility and arranging pickup when you come home. With a pet sitter, your loving pet will be waiting for you when you walk through the door!   If you would like more information about our services, simply visit us here. Allison Smith Excellence in Pet Care since 2003...

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Saving Your Pet With CPR

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Saving Your Pet With CPR

With pets increasingly being treated like a member of the family, many owners are learning emergency techniques like CPR to keep their pet alive before bringing them to a veterinarian. Print the Safety card pictured below and place it on your refrigerator today! Saving Your Pet With CPR If there is no breathing and no pulse begin CPR immediately. Check For Breathing And Pulse – Check pulse using middle and index finger below the wrist, inner thigh (femoral artery), below the ankle or where left elbow touches the chest. Look For Other Warning SignsGums and lips will appear gray colored Pupils will be dilated and not responsive to light If Not Breathing, Give Breath To Animal Cats And Smal Dogs – Place your mouth over its nose and mouth to blow air in. Medium-Large Dogs – Place your mouth over its nose to blow air in. Heimlich Manuever – If breath won’t go in, airway may be blocked. Turn dog upside down, with its back against your chest. Wrap your arms around the dog and clasp your arms around the dog and clasp your hand together just below its rib cage (since you’re holding the dog upside down, it’s above the rib cage, in the abdomen). Using both arms, give five sharp thrusts to the abdomen. Then check its mouth or airway for object. If you see it remove it and give 2 more rescue breaths. Start Compression If No Pulse – Lay animal on right side and place hands over ribs where its elbow touches the chest. Begin compressions. Do not give compressions if dog has a pulse. Repeat ProcedureCheck pulse after 1 minute and then after every few minutes. Continue giving CPR until the animal has a pulse and is breathing. Stop CPR after 20 minutes Animal Size Compress Chest Compressions Per Breath Of Air Cats/Small Dog (under 30 lbs) 1 1/2 – 1 inch 5 Medium-Large Dog (30-90 lbs) 1 – 3 inch 5 Giant Dog (over 90 lbs) 1 – 3 inch 10 Our thanks goes to the American Red Cross for developing such a useful infographic to teach ALL of us! Allison Smith Excellence in Pet Care since 2003...

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